Bite Size Carrot Cakes - $1.50 each
Bite size carrot cake with walnuts and topped
with a cream cheese frosting.*


Bite Size Cheesecakes - $1.50 each
Bite size cheesecake with a graham cracker crust, topped with sour cream topping.
Choice of blueberry, strawberry or cherry topping.


Bite Size Cream Filled Chocolate Cakes - $2.00 each
Chocolate cupcake filled with a light cream and coated with a chocolate glaze.
Colored sprinkles upon request. Perfect for a tea party!


Cannolis - $1.50 each
A crispy shell filled with a cannoli cream and chocolate chips.
Dipped with either almonds or chocolate chips.*


Fruit Tarts - $1.50 each
A mini tart with a cheesecake filling, topped with fresh fruit and a light glaze.


* This product contains nuts.